Abbas: We Won’t Negotiate With U.S Administration

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Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas spoke in Ramallah and accused Prime Minister Netanyahu of transferring funds to Hamas used to finance terrorist attacks.

“He personally transfers money to Hamas to carry out terror attacks in the West Bank and we pay the price,” Abbas said.

Prior to publication of Trump’s peace plan for the Arab-Israeli conflict, Abbas said that “we won’t negotiate with the American administration, because it’s not neutral. We support an economic, political. and security agreement.

“Israel and the US are talking about the economic solution to the conflict and transferring $10-12 billion to the Palestinian Authority. But where’s the political solution? According to the US and Israel, it’ll come later, we know the result of this path. We won’t accept a solution that will not address the political problem.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



    • Don’t worry. We do it ourselves. By not keeping Torah.

      Hashem lets us design our own future. I keep kosher now. I was wrong as a youth. Maybe others will do so too. A full wrong by the world that lets anyone have anything they want. Ishmael responds to power. Israel has none in men who have forgone our faith.

      There is power in Eternity. Why not help these ideas by keeping kosher? That is why we are not likely to find anything but more conflict. The Tanakh says what a nation must be. We are not there.


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