ADL SHAMES ITSELF AGAIN: Jewish Group Calls for President Trump to be Removed From Office

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The ADL (the Anti-Defamation League), in the latest move demonstrating that it represents no one but itself, this week called for the removal of President Donald Trump from office, either by the means afforded by the U.S. Constitution or through his own resignation.

“As this week comes to a close, we must not allow the historic and horrific events of the past 48 hours to simply fade without significant consequences,” said ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt. “In our over 100 years of history, ADL has never called for the President of the United States to be removed from office, but what occurred on Wednesday was inexcusable. It will forever be remembered as one of the darkest days of American democracy and it makes unambiguously clear: President Trump is unfit for office and needs to be removed.”

“Violence and sedition. Confederate flags being proudly displayed by rioters in the United States Capitol. White supremacists and far-right extremists marauding through the hallowed halls of one our nation’s most sacred institutions. This was incited by President Trump and organized on social media for all the world to see,” Greenblatt said. “The horrific events of this week are a culmination of years spent denigrating our democratic institutions, months of delegitimizing the electoral process, and innumerable tweets demonizing his perceived enemies, with zero regard for the consequences of his actions.”

Further, the ADL is calling for a complete, thorough, and transparent investigation into the failings of law enforcement and Capitol Hill security. “While there were those who bravely sought to repel the invasion of the building, including one officer who tragically lost his life,” said the ADL, “we need to understand why there was such a dangerously inadequate deployment of law enforcement despite the mob assembled on the National Mall. Additionally, investigations must be conducted regarding the disturbing inequities between how peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters were handled last summer in comparison to armed extremists storming the Capitol.”

Finally, ADL, along with the Stop Hate for Profit coalition, which ADL co-founded with eight other storied civil rights and advocacy organizations, has called on all social media platforms to #BanTrumpSaveDemocracy and permanently remove him from their services by January 20. The ADL said that “brands and companies should pull back on advertising on these social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, until Trump is entirely removed from these platforms.”

“These are the bare minimum steps that must occur,” Greenblatt said. “Racism, antisemitism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and so many other forms of hate were on full display as extremists perpetrated violence and sedition. We must root out this evil if we are ever to heal as a nation.”

Shame on the ADL for missing the boat once again.



  1. Greenblatt said. “Racism, antisemitism, xenophobia, , and so many other forms of hate were on full display as extremists perpetrated violence and sedition.

    To the extent this true about the protests at the capital it would also be true about any other form of violent protests. At the bare minimum.

    Reading all the endless hypocrisy churned out by liberal groups over the past few days the liberal position on rioting and rioters is obviously ” We support rioting and support hate as long as the rioters and haters are on our side”

    • Nadler and Schiff are causing more anti semitism than any President. The entire country, and the world, for that matter, will watch once again as 2 Jews lead the effort to throw out a Gentile from the highest office in the land/world. Who do those bare headed pork eating Jews think they are? Brech.

  2. The ADL is generally a useless organization that needs to make noise from time to time in order for its people to think they are relevant. In many ways they are like The Reverend Jackson YMSH and his sidekick Al not too Sharpton YMSH.

  3. When we read the lead of a story about Israel that says “Israel, in the latest incident showing that Zionism represents nobody but heretical Zionists”, then Mashiach will probably be here.

  4. Libs show their true colors. They suffer from covid. Covid affects all senses including common sense. Instead they got senseless hate.

  5. It is war. A sick jew festival is too apparant a war worry. No wills for the uncovered head. A world of the shaved bean heads is anywhere.

    Cold but I can not stand being asked so many questions about what the orthodox think. Could they just get a bible? When jews stop reading, the war burned our books. I guess that is why we saw reform emerge in 1810 Germany. Their books were never read and we are still stuck.



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