Agunah Fasts Outside Knesset

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Tzvia Gordetsky, 53, an agunah whose husband has refused to divorce her for seventeen years, began a hunger strike outside the Knesset after the Knesset Legislative Committee postponed discussion of a new proposal to solve the agunah problem.

Gordetsky’s husband refuses to grant her a get even after spending sixteen years in jail by order of a beis din.

The delayed agunah bill, sponsored by MK Yael Cohen Paran of Zionist Union, is based on an innovative idea of Prof. Berachyahu Lifshitz of the Hebrew University’s Law Faculty. He suggests retroactively annulling every marriage where one party refuses to divorce the other for more than a year by having the state retroactively confiscate the money the husband used to buy the wedding ring.

Knowing that chareidi and religious MKs will never agree to such a law, the legislative committee put in on ice for three months.

{ Israel News} 


  1. Has the idea of retroactive annulment been presented to the chief rabbinate? Very interesting thought!

    • Not so pashut. Retroactive annulment cannot be invoked excet under extraordinary circumstances, of which this case doesn’t qualify.

  2. ‘ideas’ will not absolve mamzeirus, only poiskei hador not some professor in university…if he is bkie chol hatorah ….has to be’ hureicho byiras hashem’

  3. Let’s see: Over one hundred divorced men unfortunately commit suicide every year in Israel. Israeli law turns their life into such purgatory, that they just can’t bear the pain. Thankfully, Torah law doesn’t leave room for such barbarism. The religious MKs will never agree to it either. But, now, some supposed agunah – a position and status that she created for herself – is the poster child to try to create the same barbarism to Torah observant Jews as well?????

  4. The fake-gunah movement that loves to scream “agunah” about every rashanta who decides to toss her decent husband out of the house like a pair of old shoes.

    Let’s hear the rest of the story. Why has he husband refused to give her a Get all these years?

  5. I an infinitely more concerned for all these Agunim children being chained away from their Fathers. This is the source of the problem.

  6. SIXTEEN YEARS in jail for not giving a get? People might be stubborn even stupid, but 16 years? Surely there is more to this story.


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