Ahmadinejad: Israel is World’s Most Hated State

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ahmadinejadIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attacked Israel on Thursday, asserting that it is the most hated state in the world. Israel, he said, was established on lies, is losing the support of the West and would soon disappear.

Ahmadinejad, who in the past has called for Israel to be wiped off the map, made his attack during a speech at the port town of Bandar-Abbas which was broadcast on local media channels.

“Look at what’s happened to Israel. The West gathered up the most criminal nation in the world and placed it in our region with lies and fictional tales,” he said, hinting at the Holocaust. “They started wars, acted aggressively, and made millions homeless.”

His words, quoted on the Iranian network Press TV, ended with the assertion, “The Zionist regime is the most hated regime in the world. It is no longer useful to its (western) overlords. They doubt it. They wonder if it’s worth continuing to invest in this regime. But whether Israel wants it or not, with Allah’s help, this regime will be annihilated.”

The Iranian leader also claimed that not even another military conflict could save it. “Thanks to their undeveloped minds, they think that another war against Lebanon or Syria will help them survive a little longer. I say to them today: Another war or more aggression will not save you.”

The president also referred to reports in all US media channels from last month, that US President Barack Obama has accelerated plans to establish batteries to defend against missile attacks in the Persian Gulf. The reports provoked harsh criticism from Tehran, which accused the US of waging psychological warfare.

“We must ensure our own security in the Persian Gulf,” Ahmadinejad said. “Our Gulf is a place of brotherhood and friendship. The Iranian nation will not permit the corrupt powers to undermine stability.”

He also expressed his surprise regarding foreign forces in the Middle East. “What are you doing in our region? Why are you deploying your troops here? If you thought you could control Iraqi oil and the Persian Gulf, you were mistaken. Our young men will cut off your hands.”

{Ynet /Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. “The Rebbe”,

    Perhaps you will be happier living in Iran and joining this sonei yisroel. Nothing but trouble? Tell that to the millions of Jews that were saved from hostile countries (like Iran). Tell that to the thriving communities and mosdos in Israel. The only “trouble” we have is from the Muslim haters and sonim like yourself.

  2. TheRebbe, your words are sweet and clear, much like a delicious rocky road macaroon after a hearty Pesach meal. You are absolutely right, before the State of Israel was formed, there was no anti-semitism in the velt! All goyim treated Jews like brothers, with nothing but love and respect.

  3. This guy achmeshugini hardly talks a word of sense these day. ”israel wont be saved if she fights another war” what does that mean did he forget israeles got its own nukes? or when he says oh no jews were killed in the holocaust, whats is this guy dumb or what? its only 60 odd years ago and plenty of jews are still walking around with a number on their arm. The guy speaks zero sense and he loves giving these speeches with baseless rhetoric, for the amount of attention he gets he is desperate for recognition from the world and what probably bothers him most is the amount of attention israel gets these days, he wishes he would be getting all that attention and its also a fact that if you constantly undermine and accuse your foe with all kinds of accusations, well usually its because your mishigi jealous, to say oh israeli leaders are underdeveloped and obviously stupid well my goodness this guys jealous

  4. People have to realise that the #4 commenter here is probably a so called neturei karta haker and my goodness do these guys thrive on attention, attention is like fuel to their flames and if we ignore them they will slowly disappear, and so of course anti tzionim is the new camiflouge for antisemitisim but, and theres nothing wrong with us criticizing the medina and it was not built al pi das torah but its there, and millions of yiden live there, and so to identify with the iranian regime or any soinei yisroel for that matter, and support them is nothing short of treason but hey its probably fueled by a desperate need of attention, and recognition, its the only way to make sense of these self hating jews so lets try to ignore them and not give them much attention.


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