Air Force Strikes Gaza for Fourth Time in 24 Hours, 1 Killed


idf-f-16The Israel Air Force struck targets in the terrorist haven of Gaza for the fourth time in 24 hours Sunday afternoon. The IAF said the target was a terror squad that had fired a rocket at Israel a short time earlier, and was about to do so again, reports Gil Ronen for Arutz Sheva.

Sources in Gaza reported that one person had been killed and three others wounded in this latest IAF attack. IAF strikes on Shabbos killed a leader of a Salafist group, Hisham a-Saedini, as well as another Salafist terrorist, according to the Arutz Sheva report. Hisham al-Saedini was one of the founders of the Mujahideen Shura Council, said the IDF, noting that this organization is affiliated with Global Jihad and was involved in extensive terrorist activity against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers over the years.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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