Al Tiftach Peh Le’sorton’: Cancer Leading Cause of Death in Israel

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israelThe Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has released a report probing the leading causes of death in Israel, revealing that cancer, diabetes and renal failure-related deaths were up, while heart disease-related deaths were down.

 According to the data, cancer is now the leading cause of death in Israel, claiming the lives of 39,948 people in 2007 – 0.6% of the population.

 The data also indicated that 18% of those who died in 2007 suffered from a heart disease, 6% suffered a fatal stroke and 6% died of diabetes.

 Less common causes of death were respiratory failure (5.7%), external trauma (4.7%), renal failure (4%), infectious diseases (3.5%) and vascular diseases (2.5%).

Other causes of death were car accidents and suicides.

 CBS data analysis further revealed that compared to the last four decades, Israel has experienced an 80% drop in heart disease and stroke-related deaths. The number of cancer-related deaths has also shown an overall drop.

 An international comparison showed that Israel has one of the lowest malignant disease mortality rates, but nevertheless, the number of women dying of breast cancer is one of the highest in the world, as is the number of people dying from diabetes.

{Yair Israel/Ynet}


  1. I like the pun in the title. For those who don’t know. sorton means cancer in Hebrew, so the play on words is instead of Al tiftach peh l’Soton, it is Al tiftach peh l’Sorton. That line was actually used in a campaign to get Israeli’s to stop smoking – they shouldn’t open their mouths to sorton – cancer.
    May all cholim have arefuah sheleimah.


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