Alan Dershowitz Says The President Did A Mitzva For Freeing Ronen Nachman

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President Donald Trump commuted Monday the sentence of Ronen Nahmani, husband to wife who suffers from Stage 4 cancer and father of five little children, after receiving touching letters from three of them: Ariella, 11, Orel, 10, and Daniella, 8.

Ronen, a religious orthodox Jew and resident of Aventura, Florida, was sentenced in 2015 to 20 years in prison, a maximum punishment for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute synthetic marijuana.

His wife, Sylvia, told Hamodia “I’m still trying to catch my breath because I’m so overwhelmed, I can’t believe what happened and I’m so grateful.”

“I don’t even have words in the dictionary to describe how grateful I am, how blessed I feel and how I overwhelmed I am with the joy in my heart,” Mrs. Nahmani said.

Famous attorney and staunch Israel supporter Alan Dershowitz, who participated in the efforts to release Nachmani commended the President for his actions.

“What President Trump did was the right thing; he ought to be praised for saving lives and doing a mitzvah.”

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  1. See! Since Chabad’s honoring him with the Sefer Torah written in his name at their hachnasas Sefer Torah celebration last month he’s already talking about mitzvos.

  2. And he should do a mitzvah and keep shabbos and kosher etc always interesting how people who don’t keep Mitzvos feel great telling everyone else about the mitzvos they should do

  3. A sefer Torah written in the name of a person who says openly he doesn’t believe the Torah was given to us by G-d?

    Give him a Lambrogini and drive him in it in a big parade…

    But honor him by writing a Torah in his name???

    • I did an internet search to find where he “openly” says what you claim. The closest quote I could find is a bit of semantics that I cannot describe as “openly” – he writes that he has :

      > chosen to accept the assumptions of its historic participants about the divine nature of the text

      In wikiquote he is quoted with statements like:

      > I am a skeptic about everything, including God and atheism

      He may be a “doubter” or a “skeptic”, but nothing I could find qualifies as “openly”.

  4. In other word’s, your claiming that the Professor is a Cardiac Jew. “A Jew at heart”


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