American Girl Doll Company Rolls Out ‘Chanukah’ Outfit

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American Girl released a new set of doll outfits for various cultural holidays, and it includes a Chanukah ensemble with a Star of David necklace.

Each “Hanukkah celebration outfit” that is purchased for $36 comes with a navy velvet dress, matching headband and silver shoes; a silver Star of David charm on a silver chain necklace; and a booklet that highlights the five different cultural celebrations that the company is honoring.

The American Girl website also has a section where the company describes the eight-day Jewish holiday.

The company debuted its line of specialty holiday doll outfits last week; they include outfits for Eid Al-Fitr, Diwali, Christmas, the Lunar New Year and Kwanzaa.

In 2009, the company debuted its first Jewish doll, named Rebecca Rubin. That doll is no longer for sale but still available for purchase is her Hanukkah set, which consists of a metal menorah with pretend candles, a wooden dreidel and fake medal coins, also known as gelt.

Rebecca’s Shabbat set is also being sold.

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