Arabs Riot In Jaffa After Resident Arrested For Violating Quarantine Regulations


Arab residents of Jaffa rioted on Wednesday, burning tires and dumpsters because the police were enforcing nationwide quarantine restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

During a patrol of the Ajami neighborhood, police saw two men standing together and asked to see identification to check if they were outside the 100-meter limit from their homes, according to a report by Ynet.

The young man refused the order, and other residents began surrounding the officers to help the man escape. Police called for backup; shortly after, clashes began.

Police officers made four additional arrests.

The police released a statement, according to the report, stating that “forces in Jaffa spotted a man who refused to disclose his details, and dozens of people gathered, including his family, surrounding the officers to aid the boy’s escape. Some even confronting the forces and attacking them violently.”

“A large group of people burned tires and hurled objects, hitting police, who arrived at the scene. Israeli police officers are now engaged in stopping violations of directives. The police will allow the right to protest and freedom of expression, but will not allow violent behavior,” said the statement.




    • Kiryat Yearim aka Telzstone had the highest rate of coronavirus infection in Eretz Yisroel per 100,000 residents. Look what a resident of Kiryat Yearim wrote about the lockout: ” It was decided to lockdown Kiryat Yearim to outsiders, as much as possible, to prevent the virus from being brought in.”
      It was a lockout imposed by the local municipality for their own protection. Today, they are b’ezras Hashem in good shape. They didn’t qwetch. They didn’t blame the government. They did their hashtadlus.


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