ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Legal Aid Society Slams NYPD As ‘Hypocrites’ In Water-bucket Arrests

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The Legal Aid Society on Thursday blasted the NYPD for directing its officers to bust the punks behind the growing spate of water-bucket ambushes while not dropping the hammer in cases of police misconduct.

“The disproportionate response from the NYPD to these incidents of young people splashing water on officers compared to officers committing violent misconduct, also often on tape, demonstrates the Department’s failure to see its own hypocrisy,” said Anne Oredenko, the supervising attorney of the Legal Aid Society’s Racial Justice Unit, in a statement.

“Young people are getting arrested for splashing water on 100 degree days while officers who have killed and seriously injured people continue working, collect pensions, and barely get a slap on the wrist,” added Oredenko.

“Historically, black and Latinx communities have suffered the brunt of police abuse, harassment and violence,” the statement concluded. “The Department should focus on addressing those root issues before attempting to criminalize playing with water.”

So far, three people have been charged in connection to the original incidents, and cops are probing additional incidents in the Bronx and in Harlem.

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  1. No they’re not kidding. I happen to agree with the Legal Aid. In general, the NYPD has been an extremely abusive force where brutality has been the norm especially against people with mental issues. There have been so many cases where innocent people with special needs have been gunned down like worthless sheep by the NYPD. I will never forget what 4 WHITE officers did to Gideon Bush right in the heart of Boro Park!!! 4 cowards who gunned down a man with special needs execution style after tasing him. The worst part was the cover-up that followed. Fellow Yidden with no remorse what-so-ever for being responsible for having one of their own brothers murdered! Snitching and backstabbing. Terrible. And yet Chaveirim, Shomrim, Hatzalah, etc…kiss up to them on a constant basis as if they are some deity. Pheh. For shame.

    • So much wrong that I didn’t know how to even begin, and it is Friday so I need to keep this short. Start with the fact of how stupid it is to attack someone who has a loaded weapon. But more to point, this very video is incontrovertible evidence how wrong you are, seeing how these police reacted to unprovoked attack. Not only that, but taking your argument to its logical conclusion, it would mean all anti-Semitic attacks are justified because it is possible to find a Jew here or there on (for example) death row. See how murderous Jews are!

    • Sounds like you are a family member and biased. I don’t know why any one would want to be a cop in nyc. Get a job in a suburb for more money and less headaches.
      Just wait and see what happens if the police stop policing.

    • I’m no fan of the police but they don’t physically attack people who are minding their own business. That, however, is the situation they found themselves in this video. There are no excuses for the attack on them.

      Understanding the difference between violent behavior during a conflict and violent behavior in the absence of a larger conflict is usually above beyond the intellectual capability of a liberal.

      This type of statement highlights that lack of intellectual capacity.

  2. the legal aid’s response is the reason no one has respect for the police any more. so, legal aid, continue to make little of what happened; then, you will have more jobs

  3. And you people are the biggest hypocrites because what these scum did was totally unprovoked and The situation been reversed You would’ve had a lawsuit Against the police and demanded an investigation So who arethe real hypocrite?!

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