Armed Crooks Ransack Douek Home in Flatbush

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doek-robberyThe Brooklyn home of the owner of Willoughby’s Camera was “ransacked” last night by three robbers who locked two children in a bathroom and made off in the family Ferrari, police said.

Isaac Douek, the 17-year-old son of Joseph Douek, was in his bedroom when the trio broke into the family’s home on East Seventh St. in Midwood shortly after 7 p.m.

Armed with a screwdriver, the robbers first encountered Isaac’s 12-year-old sister, Jacqueline, who was doing her homework in the basement.

“My sister thought they were firemen, and she led them to me,” a shaken Isaac told the Daily News after speaking to police investigators Tuesday night.

The robbers forced their way in through a side door.

Isaac, whose parents were not home at the time, said the robbers locked his sister, a housekeeper and him in a bathroom – and then picked the place clean.

“They pointed and I followed,” Isaac said, describing how the thugs herded them into the bathroom.

No one was injured in the break-in, police said.

“They ransacked the house. They took everything. We can’t even keep track of what they got away with,” Isaac he said.

There was one big-ticket item the robbers overlooked: the family’s Maserati, parked across the street from the home and partly obscured by a coating of frozen-over snow.

Before the thugs broke into the Douek home, they tried to bash their way into a neighboring residence.

“They broke our kitchen window with a shovel,” said Eddie Sabbagh, 24.

But the thugs suddenly changed course and targeted the Douek home, perhaps lured by the black Ferrari in the driveway.

After looting the Doueks’ place, the robbers used the Ferrari as a flashy getaway car.

Cops spotted the high-performance car and chased after it, forcing the thugs to abandon the luxury ride at 20th and McDonald Aves. in Mapleton, police said.

“We spotted the car and were following it,” a police source said.

The trio was still in the wind last night.

Joseph Douek owns legendary camera store Willoughby’s Konica Imaging Center on Fifth Ave., Isaac Douek said.

He is also a close friend of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.

Isaac Douek said his sister is traumatized by the break-in. “She has been terribly affected by this,” he said.

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  1. Maybe it is not the smartest move to own a Ferrari. I think Hashem is trying to send a message that living grand and ostentatious is not the way of Torah.

  2. hey dov im just curious what kind of a car do u drive? how much do u earn? Why do i feel that you drive a simple car because you earn very little and you only buy what you can afford/ (which is good) tell us the truth have you ever upgrade anything when you had a few more dollars or did u give the extra $$$$ to tzdakeah?
    Is it possible that you are just jealos that you cant afford a better car?
    by the way I do NOT drive anything fancy. In fact my car is a 1999


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