Attention NYC Residents: NYC Imposes 8:00 PM-5:00 AM Curfew Through June 7th

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Attention New York City residents – Rabbi Yeruchim Silber, Agudah’s director of New York government relations, has this important message for you: New York City has imposed a curfew from 8 pm to 5 am starting tonight through Sunday June 7.

We have received many inquiries as to how that effects maariv minyanim, early shacharis, and mikvah attendance. Agudath Israel reached out to Captain Richard Taylor of the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau who has informed us that religious services are considered essential and are not in violation of the curfew.

This directive will be passed down to relevant precinct commanders in the city who will transmit it to officers on the ground. If someone happens to be stopped by a police officer, they can inform them they are on the way to or on the way back from a religious service.

Should one encounter any problems they should email Rabbi Silber, who is in direct contact with the Police Department, at

Please be mindful of your safety and realities on the ground if you have need to go out for religious services during curfew.



  1. I plan on davening in my regular 10:00 pm Minyan for Maariv tonight like I’ve done since my local Shul reopened 2 weeks after Pesach. And no I will not be wearing any mask or gloves. B”H I tested positive for antibodies. No stupid lowlife coward cop is going to stop me. We will not accept Marshal Law in our quiet residential neighborhood without a fight. Only feckless sheeple are all worried and nervous now. Babies. Little babies going to slaughter. It’s the same losers that would be the first to enter the cattle cars if the government asked them to please do so. No need to worry. Showers will be given upon arrival.

  2. Bend the Arc and its “constellation of activist groups” emerged just prior to a wave of violent riots sweeping the country. More like Divine Providence: we learn both who they really are, and what will happen to America if they get their way. It is urgent that we stop them, and that is why we need your immediate support.

    You’ve almost certainly heard of Bend the Arc; this “Jewish” organization is a darling of the leftist media, and also flush with cash. “Bending the Jews” is a long article, so I’ll excerpt a few key lines you truly must read:

    What has made Bend the Arc such a singular and attractive investment worth tens of millions of dollars for philanthropic elites who, according to their own financial records, are otherwise unengaged with the well-being of American Jewry? A close look at Bend the Arc’s work over the years would suggest that such an investment was designed not to advance American Jewish life, but rather, to obtain and cement Jewish-branded support for progressive political causes.


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