Audio: Rav Reisman On Parshas Korach

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rav-yisroel-reisman[Audio below.] The following is a shiur delivered by Harav Yisroel Reisman, maggid shiur in Yeshiva Torah Vodaas and mara d’asra of Agudath Israel of Madison. The shiur, on Parshas Korach was delivered two years ago to Rav Reisman’s alumni over the telephone. We post it again for the benefit of our readers.

Rav Reisman makes a strong effort to keep in touch with all his talmidim even after they have left the yeshiva. His weekly teleconference is one that many of his talmidim look forward to each week. is proud to feature the shiur exclusively each week.

To listen to this week’s shiur, click below:

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  1. Es Machtos “Hachatoim Ho’eileh B’Nafshosom”.

    The word B’nafshosom shows that the phrase is a Verb. There is the implied and silent “Ho’anoshim”. As if it would say “The dishes of “these People who Sinned(verb) with their Soul”

    Same is with Sdom “they Sin(verb) To God”.


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