Australia Recognizes West Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

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Australia has decided to formally recognize west Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but won’t move its embassy until there’s a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced Saturday.

Morrison said in a speech that Australia would recognize east Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital only after a settlement has been reached on a two-state solution. The Australian Embassy won’t be moved from Tel Aviv until such a time, he said.

Australia becomes the third country to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, following the U.S. and Guatemala. Unlike its predecessors, however, Australia recognized only the western part of the city.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. Cold lox.

    What ever in. They are always cold.

    Get the ice box out. We need more blood for our patients in the Ward. Cold cold cold.

  2. who says this is good for the yidden? i dont know if the libavitcher rebbe [ who held that giving back land is showing weakness and can cause or is a sakana] would be in favor of this.


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