Baba Sali To Baba Baruch In Dream: Moshiach Will Come This Year

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baba-baruch26 years have passed since the petirah of the Baba Sali, but his influence is still felt as his illustrious descendants follow in his path. Baba Baruch, the Bab Sali’s son, leads the kehillah in Netivot, and Rav Dovid, Rav Elazar and Rav Yekutiel Abuchatzeirah, renowned sons of the Baba Sali’s son Baba Meir, have also carried on the legacy of the Baba Sali, as thousands flock to their homes for their chizuk and guidance.

The yahrtzeit of the Bab Sali was recently marked and a fascinating tale has emerged based on a dream that Baba Boruch says he had.
On the day of the yahrtzeit, thousands flocked to the kever of the Baba Sali in Netivot amd Baba Baruch greeted the crowds. He also talked about his great father. In one interview granted by Baba Baruch, he spoke about his holy father and how he helped countless people.

“When people would come to his house with illnesses and the like, he’d sit and cry for them.”

“What was amazing about my father was the Yidden around him – Sefardim and Ashkenazim, one and all respected him. Why? Because of his love for Am Yisroel. He did not notice if one was Ashkenazi, Sefardi or Teimani. All of Am Yisroel in his eyes was holy and pure.”

Baba Baruch discussed a number of incidences in which his father appeared to him in a dream. One time – an incident which was reportedly widely at the time – was during Operation Cast Lead, when Baba Baruch and the Abuchatzeirah family were unsure if they should plan a yahrtzeit event for the Baba Sali because of the possibility of a missile attack on Netivot and putting thousands of people who would be coming to the yahrtzeit event in danger. Baba Baruch said that his father came to him in a dream and told him to arrange the event and “that he would take care of the rest.” The very next day, the ceasefire was called.

The most fascinating part of the recent interview with Baba Baruch was when he was asked if he had any other dreams recently in which he saw his father. He went on to describe a dream that he said he had “not long ago” – less than two weeks ago – in which the Baba Sali appeared. The Baba Sali, he said, told him, “Moshiach will come this year. Be ready. Get Ready. And prepare a seudah because of this dream…. Because there is no solution for Am Yisroel except for Moshiach Tzidkeinu.”

{Yair Israel}


  1. According to various modern visionaries, moshiach was supposed to come: last Rosh Chodesh Shvat, two years ago Hoshanna Rabbah, the year 2000, Pesach 1995….

    Enough. I believe with perfect faith that the moshiach will come. Even if he’s taken his merry old time getting here – Rambam rules that predicting a date for it is assur.

  2. it says in the gemara that r yehoshua ben levi asked moshiach when are u coming he answered today. when r yehoshua ben levi saw that he didnt come he went to eliyohu hanavi and told him what moshiach said eliyohu hanavi told him the posuk “HAYOM IM BEKOILOI SHISMO’U” TODAY IF WOULD LISTEN TO MY VOICE!!! if we would all listen to hashems voice NOW then moshiach would come speedily in our days amen

  3. I hate these announcements as they cause less emunah, not more.
    I’m old enough to remember probably dozens of such story including a couple in the last year.
    The end result when it doesn’t happen is that people will have less emunas chachamim and less emunah in moshiach.
    Kol hamosif goreah…

  4. comment 5 from irresponsible is irresponsible there are disignated times that moshiach is supposed to come but we have to be worthy
    Writing “Even if he’s taking his merry old time” is a blattant statement and could only come from a BAAL GA’AVAH
    The Rambam that was quoted is not pashut being that the Rambam himself in Igros Harambam (not a common sefer)predicts a date for moshiach’s arrival.[see meforshim]
    please think before you post a comment

  5. Every year there’s another story that Moshiach is coming this year. We believe he can come today! Rather, we should believe that and if he doesn’t come today its probably because we haven’t prepared for him. The only way Moshiach can come is if we really want him!

  6. He will come when there’s justice in the world. As long as abusers don’t get extradited to America to face justice and corruption doesn’t get shut down Moshiach can’t come.

  7. What does the gemora mean when it says “tipach ruchum she’ll mechashvei kitzim” and Rashi exlains: if he dosent come on that day/time one loses faith in the whole matter..?

  8. “”Because there is no solution for Am Yisroel except for Moshiach Tzidkeinu.”
    That part I could tell you is accurate, dream or not.

  9. r yakov kamenestsky was very against saying such things bec if he doesn’t come it make less our bitachon and emunah that mosaiach can come acheke lo bchol yom sheyova

  10. Like one comment posted here said, only we can bring Moshiach by listening to the Voice of Hashem in the Torah. Our main problem is not Glatt v non-glatt kosher, or using a shabbos elevator. It is Sinas Yisroel between Jews who have differing (legitimate) opinions of Halacha and Hashkafa. I don’t know when Moshiach will come because I don’t know when we will put our Sinah behind us. It shouldn’t take a tragedy to bring that about. See Siman 68 Sefer Nachal Chaim. But I will say this, I am certain that the (secular) Zionist State of Israel will not be around by 2018. Either it will be a Torah state, or an Arab Palestinian state!

  11. lets not fight, what we can take out from this, is that if its true, we must listen to the advice “be ready”,( and even if its not true), it is said from the chofets chaim,(whichever nutjob starts arguing if THIS is true, get a life, its the message that counts),that we will run away from moshiach when he arrives, for we will be shamed by our aveiros, lest we do teshuvah and turn solely to hashem.

  12. Such foolishness. I can guarantee you Baba Sali never came to Baruch Abuchatzeira in a dream, v’hamavin yavin. Why print this report? Did you speak to Baba Baruch? Rav Yaakov abhorred these predictions.

  13. if moshiach coming this year he is coming before tish abavav because Rav kaniefskey sais no fast this year 2))iwar leabanon march gog magog

  14. All those predictions are correct. Mashiach came knocking at our door all those times. Nobody was really expecting him and so nobody heard the knocking . He came and nobody answered the door!!! Next time he comes, just listen and OPEN the door!!!

  15. Puisse ” HASHEM ITBARAKH ” nous Aider à faire une véritable paix entre nous, et, à nous apporter mutuellement; amour ,comprehension , et soutien amen….
    Je crois de toute mon ame à la venue Du Mashiah
    et je l’espère aujourd’hui meme AMEN!

  16. Actually as Baba Sali and others have predicted Moshiach did indeed arrive in 5771, but he has not yet declared himself openly. Each person needs to recognize Moshiach for himself. This may not be that easy, since he will appear as an ordinary man, still incognito, until most people acknowledge him. The way to recognize him is thru his words or the message that he brings – the message of peace, brotherhood and justice. See


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