Bad News: Sesame Street Cuts Workforce By 10%

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sesame-streetOnce again Sesame Workshop is handing out pink slips. Around 30 employees at the producers of Sesame Street were let go yesterday. This comes just more than a year after a dozen employees were shown the door at the non-profit last May.

“We at Sesame Workshop are not immune to the challenges of today’s economic environment. After careful review, we have concluded that we must operate, and achieve our strategic priorities with fewer resources. Therefore, we have reluctantly determined that we must reduce our workforce by approximately 10%,” said CEO H. Melvin Ming in a note sent to staff.

Among those who have been let go are former Newsweek Inc CEO and Nickelodeon executive Tom Ascheim, who joined the company in March 2012 as EVP of the Sesame Learning program. Sesame Learning will be absorbed into other divisions of the company, Ming said.

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  1. I guess Sesame Street must teach kids about economics.
    In all seriousness they should really hand Grover a pink slip. He’s annoying.

  2. This is a wonderful program that is core to the education of most Americans. The loss of sesame street would mean that kids are left to watch in educational or possibly harmful programming.

    If you support traditional values of education and peaceful coexistence, you should support sesame street.


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