Bais Yaakov Oz Vehadar Students Without a School to Go to

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Bais Yaakov Oz Vehadar, a Bais Yaakov school in Brooklyn under the leadership of Rebbetzin Vital Kalmanowitz, does not have the funds needed to continue educating its students this school year. The school is in tremendous debt and needs Klal Yisroel’s help to stay open for the 5776-5777 school year.

The girls enrolled at Oz Vehadar have no school to go to next week.

Friends of the school have reached out to to bring its plight to the attention of our readers all over the globe.

Rebbetzin Kalmanowitz has invested her life and soul into educating her talmidos, giving them the love and warmth that a bas Yisroel needs to grow. Now, this school needs assistance in order to stay open this year.




  1. Curious why should the jewish community pay attention to this. But on the other side of the coin ignore all the people who don’t have yeshivas or beis yacovs to go to.

  2. Oz Vehodor needs our support. Do not let the Rebbetzin down.

    She is really something very special and does awesome work with amazing results.

  3. Baruch Hashem there are MANY other fine high schools right here in Brooklyn that one can send their daughters to. We do. Oz Vehadar was a relatively new school, and sometimes new schools just don’t make it. Its the same thing for boys Yeshivo’s. What are we as a community supposed to do? Every person who decides to open a new Yeshiva/Mosad, we are michuyav to support liolam vaed? I wish them Hatzlacha and every child should find a new makom to go to.

  4. More info needed here.

    How big is this school, how many students?

    Why are they having a time financialy then other schools?


  5. According to “Go fund me” , they are trying to raise $20,000 . That’s a relatively small amount of money for us to raise.

    Think of how many girls and parents will be able to stay put instead of having to go looking for a new school. And yes think of the staff that will have jobs and not be unemployed.

    For $20,000 its worth it to try to get it together.


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