Bank Of Israel Unveils New Bill Designs

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The Bank of Israel has presented the new NIS 20 and NIS 100 bills, which will soon be issued, GLOBES reports.

The Bank of Israel is moving towards replacing NIS 20 and NIS 100 bills. The portraits selected for the new bills will be poetess Rachel for the NIS 20 bill and Leah Goldberg for the NIS 100 bill.

GLOBES reports that the the Bank of Israel said that 90% of the NIS 50 bills in circulation had been replaced (the new bills were launched in 2014), and half of the NIS 200 bills (the new bills were launched in 2015).

GLOBES reports that “according to the Bank of Israel, the new bills have security paper with an embedded watermark comprising the portrait and the denomination value; a security thread that changes color with three windows in which the portrait and denomination appear; raised ink on both sides of the banknote; tiny holes in the shape of the denomination; combination of shapes; microtext; KINEGRAM VOLUME® security foil stripe; color changing ink; and transparent ink.”

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