Beitar Yerushalayim Owner Threatens To Sue Racist Fans

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Ali Mohamed, a Christian from Niger and a new member of Beitar Jerusalem, an Israeli club infamous for the racist behavior of some of its fans towards Muslims, has been subjected to racist abuse from some fans during an open training session last month.

Beitar’s image has long been tarnished by a minority of fans known as La Familia who are virulently anti-Muslim. It is the only top-flight Israeli club to have never signed an Arab Muslim player and has been repeatedly sanctioned for its abuse of Muslim opponents.

“La Familia” published a statement on social media, saying in part: “…we have no problem whatsoever with this player, since he is a devout Christian. But we do have a problem with his name. We will make sure that his name is changed so that Mohamed is not heard at (Beitar’s) Teddy Stadium.” The post was later deleted.

Moshe Hogeg, Beitar’s owner, says the answer is simple — he’s going to sue fans who he says are damaging the club’s reputation. A tech millionaire who purchased the club last August, Hogeg says he will resort to lawsuits of up to $500,000 to cleanse the club’s image. “They are very good fans, they are very loyal,” Hogeg told CNN. “They love the club and what it represents … but they’re racist and that’s a big problem.

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