Gillibrand Releases $10 Trillion Climate Change Plan

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Presidential hopeful Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) on Thursday released a $10 trillion dollar climate change plan.

The wide-ranging “Climate Change Moonshot Plan” plan aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, “hold polluters accountable” and phase out fossil fuels, among other goals.

The New York senator called for an excise tax on fossil fuel production, hoping to generate $100 billion a year to combat climate change. She also said she would put a $52 per metric ton price on carbon to deter companies from using fossil fuels and spur investment in renewable energy.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Wow, this woman is brilliant. She has now overtaken Hillary, as the smartest woman in the world. I will definitely be voting for her.

  2. The wack jobs keep tripping over each other who can be the biggest wacko…. the only carbon i would limit is what comes out of their mouths not sure what’s a bigger hoax Russia or carbon

  3. wow. a super delux kick back program without the requirment of showing any results.
    Tax the people $10 trillion and they won’t have a to show a shred of evidence that the investment has changed anything. They will show science lab reports which are always never 100% accurate and easily modified and worded to suite the agenda of the falsifiers. of course they want this money funneled right back to them and their party.
    this deal would be many times bigger than the Iran Deal kick back.

  4. Trump already took care of the “Climate Change” by stopping the Deep State’s deliberate climate intervention and chemtrails. Hasn’t she noticed how blue the skies are and how nicely shaped the clouds are lately?

  5. Typical politician Gonif,
    This swine never earned an honest dollar, as she’s been feeding at the public trough her whole life. now she’s aiming to add more taxes to an already overburdened taxpayer base. Anybody that votes for any of the Democratic scum, deserve what they get.

  6. These 2020 Dem hopefuls are just like the anti-vax crowd. Just when you think they can’t come up with something more ridiculous, they do.

    • Mainstream fake news media is the propaganda tool for these Democrat “hopefuls”, the same propaganda tool that misleads the public into believing that vaccines are safe.

  7. “hold polluters accountable”

    Carbon dioxide gas is not a pollutant. It is necessary for plants to grow. If not for carbon dioxide gas there would be no food grown on this planet (all animals would perish in a matter of days, followed shortly by humans). They don’t even know the difference between soot (a carbon pollutant) and carbon monoxide (which is a dangerous gas pollutant) and carbon dioxide gas necessary for life on this planet. That is like not knowing the difference between Chlorine (a dangerous and deadly substance even in relatively small amounts) and Sodium Chloride (table salt which is the most common source for an essential component for animal life)

  8. Why so little? Ask for 100 trillion, get 50, use 25, and have the spare change distributed among the illegal migrants.


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