Beresheet May Have Unleashed a Horde of Water Bears on the Moon, Report Says

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When Israeli spacecraft Beresheet crashed on the Moon in April it may have left more than just rubble on its surface. The spacecraft was carrying a DNA bank containing 30 million pages of information, human DNA samples, and thousands of tardigrades, microscopic creatures better known as water bears, American entrepreneur Nova Spivack told WIRED magazine in an interview published Monday.

Spivack heads the Arch Mission Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to archiving human knowledge as well as information on earth species and spreading them through space. The DNA bank on Beresheet was one of the Arch Mission Foundation’s projects.

Water bears are considered extremely resilient and are assumed to survive all environmental conditions, including those in space. The water bears sent to the moon were dehydrated and in a dormant state in which all metabolic processes are stopped. These animals can potentially be revived in the future, Spivack said.

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    • Oh, really, he died? And you believe that that someone can hang themselves “in that prison”?

      • The official msm narrative is he died. But you’re right. He’s together with other public figures we haven’t heard from for a while. He was transferred because the Deep State were planning to assassinate him. The one who “died” in his place looked very much like him.

        • Reminiscent of the Irv Rubin Suicide hoax. The FEDS say that he slit his throat and jumped off of a ledge inside the L.A. MDC while accompanied by guards as he was led to court to testify. The MDC security videos just happened to malfunction that very moment. Yeh, sure………..

  1. 2 weeks ago Yated wrote an article saying that over 20 million people believe that NASA’s moon landing was a hoax. To which “moon” did Beresheet send anyone or anything up? To the same “moon” as NASA, in the desert in Arizona?


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