Bernie Sanders Becomes First Candidate, Democrat Or Republican, To Win Popular Vote In All 3 Early Voting States


Bernie Sanders made political history Saturday and solidified his front-runner status atop the Democratic presidential candidates with his Nevada caucuses victory, becoming the first candidate from either party to win the popular vote in all three early states in a competitive primary.

The Vermont senator garnered primary popular vote victories in Iowa on February 3, New Hampshire on February 11 and Nevada on Saturday — a first among any Republican or Democrat in history in a competitive primary.

Sanders dominated the other Democratic presidential candidates, with 46 percent of Nevada caucus voters backing the senator versus only 19 percent in support of former Vice President Joe Biden and 15 percent supporting former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Al Gore also won his first three Democratic primary contests, Iowa, New Hampshire and Delaware, but only faced one opponent, New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley.

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  1. With the beginning of the Communist party will the Democratic party become obsolete? So is his choice for VP Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib? Will they take over the October debate if Bernie will be too sick to show up?

  2. This is not a good sign for America. It goes to show us what is taught in the liberal colleges today. The students are being brainwashed by the looney left. Yidden!! Keep your kids in Yeshivas, Bais Midroshim and/or Seminaries so that they don’t end up like the dopes who go to college.


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