Bernie Sanders Says US Should Consider Regulating Military Aid To Israel

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US Senator Bernie Sanders on Monday told the J Street National Conference that the US should regulate military aid to Israel.

J Street, a US left-wing Jewish advocacy group, held a virtual conference featuring a panel of speakers ranging from Israeli party leaders to senior US democrats.

“I strongly believe that we must also be willing to bring real pressure to bear, including restricting US aid, in response to moves by either side that undermine the chances for peace,” Sanders said in his address.

“The truth is that the United States gives an enormous amount of military aid to Israel. It also provides some humanitarian and economic aid to the Palestinians. It is totally appropriate for the United States to say what that aid may and may not be used for,” Sanders added.

“In terms of aid to Israel, in my view, the American people do not want to see that money being used to support policies that violate human rights and treat the Palestinian people as second-class human beings,” he went on to say.

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  1. Well given his age poor Bernie is suffering from memory loss.

    That’s why he neglected to mention how the Palestinians are violating human rights by paying salaries to the families of their terrorists. They are using US aid money for this.

  2. I hate Israel, yes I do
    I’m Bernie, the Jew-hating Jew
    Jews just like to gripe and fuss
    Over each little blown-up bus
    Israel’s aid deserves suspension
    Spend it on Hamas’ killers’ pension
    I’m the Palis’ greatest friend
    Their every action I defend
    They cheered the blown-up pizza shop
    Their terror-tunnel digs don’t stop
    Each day under the P.A’s rule
    They teach their kids Jew-hate in school
    I want the Jews held to account
    Israel must lose the Temple Mount
    Many years ago I chose
    To backstab Israel, boost their foes
    I want Iran to get the bomb
    I’m Bernie, the Jews’ Uncle Tom

  3. The Prophet has predicted this millennia ago; namely, “… Your destroyers and they that lay you waste shall come from You”. Isaiah; 49;17.
    Our fellow Jews, are at times, our worst enemies.

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