Bidders Trying to Get Property Away from Twin Rivers Yeshiva

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twin-rivers-letter[Letter below.] Bais Medrash LeTalmud of Twin Rivers, NJ, a popular bais medrash level yeshiva led by its roshei yeshiva, Rav Eliezer Gordon and Rav Avrohom Dov Owsianka, is close to purchasing a new property for the yeshiva in Monroe Township/Jamesburg, NJ. The yeshiva, has learned, has been pursuing the property for quite a while and is close to finalizing the deal, but has since encountered a problem in that two other bidders Рbelieved to be mosdos Рhave attempted to bid on the property, a move that is unacceptable in halacha.

In light of this, Rav Gavriel Finkel of the Bais Din Tzedek-Vaad Hadayanim of Lakewood has written a letter stating that this has a din of ani hamehapeich bacharah, and that because the yeshiva deal to purchase the property is imminent, it is assur for others to now to try to undermine the yeshiva.

The letter can be seen by clicking here.

Rav Gordon and Rav Owsianka
Rav Gordon and Rav Owsianka

Rav Gordon and Rav Owsianka are both talmidim of the Philadelphia Yeshiva and Rav Elya Svei zt”l. Rav Grodon had been a R”M at Mesivta Keser Torah of Belmar and Rav Owsianka had been a R”M at Yeshiva Tiferes Torah of Staten Island before they joined together over 7 years ago to found Bais Medrash LeTalmud in Twin Rivers, a kiruv-based kehillah 35 minutes from Lakewood.

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  2. Wishing Rabbi Owsianka and Rabbi Gordon much hatzlocha. I personally had the zechus of being in Rabbi Owsianka’s shiur for two years more than 15 years ago and can attest to his gadlus in torah and mentchlicheit.

  3. Can they get a letter from a real Bais-Din?
    Can a dayan give out a choshen mispat psak without hearing both sides? absolutely NOT.

    Is it bigeder a metziah?

  4. Message to yank. while I agree with you that all mosdos should be able to bid on properties I happen to know that this deal has been in the works for about two years and alot of money and time was put into it. They were only waiting for the bank loans to come through which at this point is hopefully a done deal than it is not right for someone to come now and bid thus causing them either to lose the property or pay more. If the other mosdos were bidding all along I have no problem.

  5. Although I personally am machshiv This Mosad and its Rosh yeshivas , it is ridiculous for anybody who to put out a psak without both parties having stated their case and accepted him as their dayan . All this letter effectively does is state that ” my Dayan who has heard my side , agrees with me “. Great. Means nothing.

  6. This is actually not “just a letter.” This is very different than a case of two litigants. Do you know what ani hamehapeich bechara means?! It is a sugyah in the Gemara where one pauper comes to take away that which a different pauper has already set his eyes on. It is used in halacha cases all the time. It is a legitimate taynah and the letter comes to defend that it is indeed such a case.

    People here are asking: Why can’t other mosdos bid?

    It is simple: This land didn’t just go up for bidding! It has been around and obviously based on the letter they bid a long time ago and were granted the property pending the final signing of a contract. At that point, it is forbidden for another Yid to bid on it.
    Someone must start learning halacha around here. This is black on white Shulchan Aruch.

    Rav Gavriel Finkel is a giant posek in Choshen Mishpat and knows exactly what he is doing. Don’t kid yourself. And whatever other mosad may be now bidding on the property is actually violating the halacha! Period.

    This is a simple case of ani hamehapeich becharah.

    Kol hakavod Rav Finkel.

    Hatzlacha Rabbah to Rav Gordon and Rav Owsianka, two of the finest people you’ll ever meet.

  7. #1 Are you questioning Dayan Finkel’s halachik judgement? Do you really think you know choshen mishpat better than him? did you hear the case from the two Rabbis? why do you think you know better than a dayan who reviewed the case? Matzav is doing it duty as an information board and passing on a birur halacha by a veteran dayan. are you the “other side” by any chance?

  8. Yank – how dare you question what a beis din paskins! Matzav didn’t post their own ideas, they posted the psak of a beis din. you don’t need to hear both sides – that’s not your business. Your job, as a jew, is just to listen to what a beis din says.

  9. This is not a psak din that requires the baalei davar to appear. This is an announcement of what the halacha is generally. If the other side wouldn’t be hiding behind real estate agents, maybe they would be able to go to a din Torah and present their side.

  10. There are so many exceptions to the din of ani hamehapech that I highly doubt it is applicable here. A letter from a dayan is easy to get. If one of the other bidders prevails then I highly doubt this yeshiva would be able to prevail in a real din torah.


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