Biden’s Oil Stance Jars Democrats In Tough Races

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Joe Biden‘s vow to phase out the oil industry at Thursday’s debate creates a problem for Democratic candidates in red-leaning states and swing House districts as it gives Republicans an opening to tie them to their party’s left wing.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said in April of last year that he wanted to make the 2020 election “a referendum on socialism.”

That strategy ran into a big problem when Democrats nominated Biden, a candidate who developed a reputation as a moderate during his decades in Washington, for president.

Now Biden’s blunt affirmation that “yes” he “would transition” when asked by President Trump on Thursday whether he would “close down the oil industry,” gives Republican candidates ammo.

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  1. (Tea Party PAC) – The media outlet’s blackout and the social media platform’s censoring of the Hunter Biden email story and subsequent developments and updates have been utterly disgraceful, shameful, and unethical.
    It’s hard to tell if Big Tech, the media, and Democrats think that they are actually pulling one over on the American people by suppressing the story completely but one thing is for sure, their behavior has made people very suspicious. Ironically, their dedication to hiding the story is in actuality lending credibility to it and there is no evidence to suggest the stories are anything but credible.
    While it seems as though the effort to ignore, dismiss, and discredit the Hunter Biden stories has been one united front by the entire left, it turns out that there are some among them who feel this is a gross betrayal of journalistic integrity. We were just as shocked as you. Who knew there was anyone on the left who even knew what journalistic integrity even was still?
    Apparently, progressive journalist Jordan Chariton is one of them and he spoke out on Twitter slamming them and all the other social media and “news” outlets working to black out the developing scandal. Those Chariton put on blast for their selective censorship include MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, and Washington Post.
    “The corporate media—and Twitter/FB—are still crickets as Hunter Biden’s biz partner confirms the emails in @nypost story are real,” Chariton wrote as part of his response to a Fox News story that former Hunter Biden business partner and recipient of Biden emails, Tony Bobulinski, confirmed that the email is “genuine” and even provided more details in regards to the Biden’s role in the deal. The deal of which he speaks is one that is the subject of one email Bobulinski was linked to in which profit sharing from a Chinese business deal was discussed.
    In his Twitter posts, Chariton notes that he isn’t a fan of President Trump but that the media blackout on the Hunter/Joe Biden corruption story is just unfair. Before distancing himself from corporate media and starting his media outlet Status Coup, Chariton worked for a variety of media organizations so it’s safe to say he’s pretty familiar with the industry.
    Could you imagine if a similar story had broke involving Donald Trump Jr.? That would be front page news and talked about incessantly at the top of the hour, every hour, on every left-wing media outlet. You’d have all the mainstream talking-heads declaring Trump Jr.’s guilt and demanding his head on a stake. Yet, when it comes to Hunter Biden, crickets.
    The MSM refuses to even question Joe Biden about the story and when they do he easily and simply brushes the entire thing off as a “smear campaign” with zero pushback.
    “This is about a PRIME EXAMPLE of how selective corporate media censorship & propaganda works. For 4 YEARS, @msnbc @cnn @nytimes @washingtonpost have recklessly pushed and elevated highly dubious #RussiaGate stories that were MORE SUSPICIOUS than the @nypost Hunter Biden story,” Chariton pointed out.
    “None of the social platforms (Twitter/FB) blocked users from posting or sharing them or locked news’ outlets accounts (NY Post). Instead, they pushed them as trending topics which then led to endless hours of TV news airtime. Yet, for a story that may hurt @JoeBiden 3 weeks before the presidential election—WITH NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE that the emails the story reported on were fake—these same outlets that recklessly ran with dubious Russia/Trump stories collectively censored this story,” Chariton went on. “This is dangerous for the future of journalism.”
    Chariton is absolutely correct. The fact that these media organizations are refusing to hold Biden accountable right now is unfathomable and completely jeopardizing the entire journalism industry. Americans had already lost trust and faith in the “news” and this will surely push them even further away.
    It will also push CNN and MSNBC viewers right into the arms of Fox News and other right-leaning outlets who are covering the story out of sheer curiosity. They’re withholding information from their viewers and eventually their viewers are going to want the story.
    Not only are corporate media and Democrats working to blow off the story, they’re telling downright lies. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) abused the credibility of his position in that committee by claiming that the information on the laptop was not legitimate and that it was all part of some Russian disinformation campaign.
    Joe Biden himself claimed during the presidential debate Thursday night that “six former intelligence officials” have told him that it’s all part of a Russian disinformation scheme. This was a blatant lie but did you notice that he said “former?” That means whomever, if there were actually six people at all, told him it was all Russia no longer work in the intelligence community.
    The current Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, on the other hand, has emphatically stated that the laptop is in no way connected to Russia and that “there is no intelligence that supports that.”
    Chariton closed by saying that it “doesn’t matter” if you like Trump because, he claims, the underlying issue is not about the election.
    “What matters is if news consumers and Americans become numb and OK with corporate, for-profit media outlets (and now tech platforms) selectively pushing and elevating one set of dubious/suspect stories that might weaken a politician they don’t like (dubious Russiagate stories that make Trump look bad) while censoring and suppressing less suspicious story that might hurt Biden (@nypost Hunter Biden story)…then media and tech platforms are just one more cog in the political tribalism machine,” Chariton wrote. “If people are ok with this selective censorship with no consistent journalistic standards….we are in much worse shape as a country than even I thought.”
    The Hunter Biden story is most definitely about the election and Joe Biden should not be anywhere near the White House, so the media blackout of the story is relevant to the election but it is also indicative of the much broader problem of corporate media censorship and the implications of “news” reporting in the future.
    Good for Chariton for standing up against the crooked media outlets. We need more Americans in the industry to stand up and call them out. Things will never change if they don’t.


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