Bloomberg: I Am Not Qualified to Run U.S. Treasury


bloomberg1New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday he has no interest in becoming U.S. Treasury secretary. “I have no skills to be the secretary of the Treasury,” he said at a Wall Street Journal business

forum in Washington.

Owing to his success as the businessman who founded Bloomberg News, the mayor has been rumored as a potential replacement if current Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner leaves.

The White House has strained relations with business and administrative officials say they want to improve ties. Putting a former executive in a key position could be a way to help the president better understand the perspective of businesses.

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  1. How refreshing to have a politician admit his own inadequacies instead of blaming someone else for his inability to do a particular job.

  2. I thought it was all about having the right connections?

    They taught me in yeshiva, “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know.”

    Besides, why can’t he just learn it on the job? As long as he knows the basics, like pushing the print button, he’ll pick up the rest as he goes along.

  3. Well guess what Mr. Mayor your not qualified to be Mayor of our city either!!!spending around $10 per vote i think you get the picture.

  4. It’s no surprise noone wants the job. The president understands ZERO about the private sector, essentially it’s like talking to a wall… I don’t blame them.


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