Bloomberg To New Yorkers: Be Careful During Blizzard


bloomberg1NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg held a press conference this afternoon updating New Yorkers on the city’s plan of action for the blizzard and advising them to stay off the roads.

“If you have to go out today, please leave the cars at home,” Bloomberg appealed, “take mass transit and be careful.”

Bloomberg said it might be advisable to wait a few extra hours before venturing out on the roads.

“I know it’s inconvenient, sometimes it can be expensive. But nothing is worth losing your life over this.”

The mayor outlined that the Department of Sanitation had 365 salt spreaders, 1,700 snow plows and over 180,000 tons of salt at their disposal in their battle against the winter mess.

City officials will also be on the lookout for dangerous conditions, including “stranded motorists and downed trees and power lines,” Bloomberg said.

Shelters in the city were also open for those needing a place to stay.

With New York City schools already closed for winter break, Bloomberg joked that he did not expect any complaints about students not having a snow day.

“A day off is a day off,” Bloomberg said.

Those students should be able to take advantage of a city Snow Day.

At a site in each of the boroughs, the Department of Parks & Recreation will host supervised recreation, including sledding and a snow angel contest from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Complimentary hot chocolate will also be provided.

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  1. Thank you mr bloomberg for your safety warning it is now 1240 at night 12 hours after the blizard started and I haven’t seen one plow truck out the roads are a nightmare people can’t even get medical help if there’s a emergency there are accidents all over thanks for all the help!


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