Bomb Suspect Rahami A Deadbeat, Hated America, Says His Daughter’s Mother

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28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami, who police nabbed and shot Monday after a day-long dragnet in connection with a series of terror attacks in and around New York, was a bad father who disliked America and took long trips to his homeland of Afghanistan, according to the mother of his young daughter, Fox News reports.

Maria, whose full name is being withheld, said Rahami didn’t pay child support and often railed against American culture. She said she had not seen Rahami in two years.

“He seemed standoffish to American culture, but I never thought he would cross the line,” she said. “I never thought he would do something like this,” she said through tears. “I think he was brainwashed.”




  1. On 1010 WINS they interviewed a local resident who said he was very “kind” and would give free chicken to his friends at the store. When “kindness” means stealing from work, anything is possible….

  2. Give credit were it is due. Arabs are bnei avraham. They have the midda of avraham of chessed. They have hachnasat orchim and do chessed. There is no contradiction with that fact that as soon As you leave their house they could stab you with a knife. As it says in the Torah they are perah adom and live by the sword. משה אמת ותורתו אמת


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