Boo Hoo: President Obama Bemoans First Lady Michelle Being Dragged Into Politics

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obamaPresident Barack Obama says one of the toughest parts about being president is that his wife has been dragged into the “political realm.”

Obama was responding to a question about how he felt when Michelle Obama said she has been inaccurately portrayed as an “angry black woman.” While the president did not address that comment specifically, he says his wife is as good a first lady as anyone could imagine, and says he believes Americans have a positive impression of her.

Obama also says the first lady is ready for another four years in the White House, despite her initial reservations about coming to Washington.

{Huffington Post/ Newscenter}


  1. I think that her choice of advocacy, focusing on fitness, is what has so many people upset.

    She apparently wants to dictate by governmental fiat the types of foods that people will consume, by changing rules for governmental school meal programs. To a lot of people, this smacks of an elitist attitude which assumes that the government, rather than parents, should tell children how to eat.

    And now Obama wishes that she wouldn’t be a target? How about the First Lady stop trying to use the power of the government to try to force people to comply with her ideas of “healthy”? That would go a long way toward having her out of politics.

  2. Let’s not kid ourselves. They love every minute in the white house! They love the kovod, they love airforce 1, they love the lavishness, they love the aristocracy, they love being in the newspapers. They never dreamed, in their wildes imagination they would end up in this place; they are as shocked as the rest of the world is, and they just want to continue so badly; all for the kovod of it. Forget accomplishing anything.Their goal is kovod, kovod, and more kovod for themselves.


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