Khameini: Genocide a Moral Obligation

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ayatollah-ali-khameneiIran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Monday released a new doctrine explaining why it would be ‘legally and morally justified’ to commit genocide and wipe Israel off the map.

“Israel is a cancerous tumor in the Middle East,” Khameini wrote for the ultraconservative Farsi-language Alefnews site. “Israel is a satanic media outlet with bombers. Every Muslim is required to arm themselves against Israel.”

“I have already noted the usurper state of Israel poses a grave threat to Islam and Muslim countries. Islam and Muslim states must not lose this opportunity to remove the corruption from out midst. All of our problems are because of Israel – Israel ofAmerica.”

“The first step should be the absolute destruction of Israel. To this end, Iran could make use of long-range missiles. The distance between us is only 2,600 KM. It can be done in minutes.”

The crux of the piece says Iran would be justified in launching a pre-emptive strike against Israel because of the threat the Jewish state’s leaders are posing against its own nuclear facilities.

However, during a lengthy discussion of the ‘jurisprudence of Jihad,’ Khameini makes it clear that an Israeli strike ‘isn’t required’ and would ultimately serve as a pretext for genocide.

Instead, he says ‘defensive Jihad’ justifies annihilating Israel and targeting its civilian population because Israel has “spilled Muslim blood” and “oppresses” its Muslim neighbors.

“With regard to the fake state of Israel in Palestine, which is included in the first Qibla of Muslims, we must defend the sacred blood of Muslims in Islamic Palestine using any means necessary,” Khameini explained.

“If the enemy should invade Muslim lands and spill Muslim blood, it is obligatory upon the Muslim masses to use every means possible to defend the lives and property of their brothers. It does not require a judge’s permission.

“But regardless of the Israeli aggression against Palestine and the Muslims, it is clear the heads of this fake regime seek to dominate other Islamic lands on its borders and to develop hegemony over the region,” he said.

Khameini makes it clear he sees no place in the Middle East for the Jews. “Political subdivisions of states and political boundaries between units are not relevant and what is important is to divide the nations and territories based on beliefs and religionsgroups, blood and blood. Muslim blood must be separate from Infidel blood.”

The document then cites statistics saying 5.7 million of Israel’s 7.5 million citizens are Jewish – as a justification for attack. It then proceeds to break down Israel by region and demographic concentrations in order that the most Jews possible would be killed.

It specifically states that Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa ,contain more than 60 per cent of the Jewish population, which could be hit by Shahab 3 ballistic missiles to “easily kill everyone.”

The publication of the doctrine comes after Khamenei announced on Friday that Iran would support any nation or group that attacks the ‘cancerous tumor’ of Israel.

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  1. What he is in essence saying is that it is “halachicly” permitted (even a mitzva) to wipe out the Jews. This is similar to when Haman & Achashverosh passed a law making it lawful to kill & plunder Jews. Hitler also passed anti-Jewish laws at Nuremburg which was a prerequisite to the holocaust. Once they believe it is morally acceptable to kill us we have but only one place to turn to- as it says in the megilla -vayizak z’aka g’dola u’mara.

  2. “You must remember in every generation; you must remember to not forget in every generation; to wipe out Amalek” The truth of evil hurts, doesn’t it?

  3. As it could be true that Israel spilled Muslim blood years ago, it is more true, that Iran, Iraq, Siria, Fatah, Jihad, Al Queida and all the Muslim countries and groups have killed and spilled much more “Muslim” blood that Israel did.
    They don’t even care for their own people’s life, they kill their own people for any small thing, (I.E. Siria, egypt, Iraq, Iran, Jordan and much more). The oil millionares live like kings and the rest of the people are garbage. Look how much Tzedukah the rich people by us offer to the poor. Look how much we care one for the other, and even for Muslims, (I.E. Jerusalem Hatzolah). It’s only an excuse to kill C”v all…. ??????? ?? ?????.


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