Breaking: Jersey City Mayor Says Kosher Grocery May Have Been Targeted


Mayor Steven Furlop of Jersey City tweeted tonight that the shooting incident today may have been a targeted attack.

“Based on our initial investigation (which is ongoing),” Furlop wrote, “we now believe the active shooters targeted the location they attacked.”

“Due to an excess of caution the community may see additional police resources in the days/weeks ahead. We have no indication the are any further threats.”

Six people were killed in the shooting the kosher grocery store, with one police officer and two suspects among the fatalities. No confirmation has been made on the identity of the remaining victims, who were said to have been shopping at the grocery when the shooting began.

One yungerman was injured in the attack, taken to the hospital after being struck in the stomach by a stray bullet.



    • Why are you trying to spin this sad story?
      1) All information will come out in due time. So, why in the world are you starting up with the police??

      2) Did you want the police not to respond? Did you think that these murderers who targeted a Jewish store would be nice if there was no police force? How stupid and reckless you are!


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