Brooklyn Jewish Girls’ School First In NYC To Install Bullet-Resistant Doors

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In the wake of the latest mass shootings, the Bnos Menachem girls’ school in Crown Heights is the first school in NYC to install metal security doors aimed at protecting kids from active shooters, The Post has learned.

The 150-pound classroom doors, made of galvanized steel, are fortified inside by metal bars, Remo Security Doors says. The doors can be locked from the inside with a thumb turn, and no electricity is required. Each has a bullet-resistant window.

Turning classrooms into “safe rooms” will not only keep kids safe from shooters, but ease the mental trauma in emergencies and lockdowns, which have become a common precaution.

The doors cost $2,500 apiece, but school officials and parents say the peace-of-mind is worth the extra expense.

Read more at THE NY POST.



  1. “Bullet resistant” from what kind of round: handgun or rifle? Makes a major difference.
    The best solution is to train and arm up some rebbeim.


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