Can I Go to Donald Trump’s Inauguration?

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Anyone can go watch Donald Trump be sworn in as president on the National Mall this Erev Shabbos, but a ticket is needed in order to get within about a half-mile of the action.

The following information is courtesy of NBC Washington:

Nearly 250,000 free tickets for seats and standing room were issued Jan. 5 by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (JCCIC).

The tickets are color-coded, and ticket holders are required to enter the Capitol grounds through the entry point designated for their color-coded section.

The JCCIC released tickets to U.S. House members on Jan. 9 and to U.S. senators on Jan. 10.

Every person headed to a ticketed area needs a ticket, children included.

How Do I Get a Ticket to Trump’s Inauguration?

The recommended way to get a ticket to the inaugural ceremony is to contact your senators and U.S. House member. Many members of Congress are accepting ticket requests online from their constituents.

Not sure who represents you in Congress? Go here to find your senators and go here to find your House member.

Can I Buy a Ticket to Trump’s Inauguration?

Inauguration tickets have popped up for sale on Craigslist and, but JCCIC says the sales violate the spirit of the event.

“Tickets to view the swearing-in of our next president are meant to be free, and it should remain that way,” spokeswoman Laura Condeluci said in an email.

There is no federal law governing the sale of inaugural tickets, but buying or selling them may violate local and state laws on ticket scalping.

What If I Don’t Have a Ticket?
If you cannot get a ticket, you can still watch Trump get sworn-in. Space on the National Mall west of 4th Street NW will be open to spectators. The presidential inaugural committee is expected to set up large television screens.



  1. Point of information: The inauguration is on Erev SHabbos, and the zman in Washington, DC is 4:58 pm.

    All of the streets around the inauguration site as well as the subway stps there will be closed. If you’re going, plan accordingly.

    • Sources for your psak, please?

      The gemara says one should observe non-Jewish rulers so he will know how to behave before the Melech haMoshiach.

  2. So how much of our hard earned money goes to fund these geniuses at the JCCIC? How does one get a job with the JCCIC? How many years of schooling do I need?

  3. Chussid you call Trump a muschis. You probably would love to have gone to the machshefa Hillary and her leftist Jew haters convention. Thank G-d she lost. Frum Jews can breath easier.


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