Carson: Some Republicans Would Prefer Hillary to Trump

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Former 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson reacted on ‘Hannity’ to recent attacks between remaining presidential hopefuls.


{ Newscenter}


  1. yes i will support hillary not trump because look at trumps history you see he’s a antisemit for example that israel should pay back for america for all the services they gave and funded israel thats antisemitism because israel unlike to irak and saudi arabie they serv america to with intellignce so why should israel pay back.

  2. hmmph. I thought he had nedorsed Trump- what happened?

    I wud rather niether= all you New Yorkers- vote Ted Cruz- and this Wisconsinite will do the same1

  3. Its time for Ben to hang it up. He got his attention for a while and now its time to go home. Dinner is getting cold. Enough.


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