Carter Gives Advice To Obama: Don’t Alienate Voters

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carterFormer President Jimmy Carter has some advice for Barack Obama as he gears up for the 2012 election: Don’t alienate voters with controversial positions.

The Georgia Democrat told The Associated Press on Tuesday that just about everything he did alienated voters, from sealing a treaty to hand over the Panama Canal to establishing diplomatic ties with China.

Carter said: “If your main goal is to get re-elected, avoid a controversial subject as much as you can in the first term.”

Carter also faced Democratic opposition from Sen. Ted Kennedy during his 1980 re-election bid, which he said was a big handicap that Obama won’t have.

The remarks came as Iowa residents cast the first votes of the 2012 presidential race to help determine Obama’s Republican opponent.

{The Associated Press/ Newscenter}


  1. One unspoken bit of advice from his predecessor that the current president is following: pretend to be a friend of Israel and the Jews, but actually use every opportunity to stab them in the back.

    The result of their presidencies: they have reduced America from the major world power to a second-rate country.

    This, to me, is another sign of the imminent coming of Mashiach: the emerging dominance of our people and our country. I sincerely hope that the U.S. will elect Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, or another righteous gentile as the next president.


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