Chareidi Deputy Mayor of Yerushalayim: I’m Voting Trump

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Deputy Mayor of Yerushalayim and former Mayor of Beitar Illit Yitzchok Pindrus is supporting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the upcoming November election. An American citizen registered in the swing state of Ohio, Pindrus said he had already voted for Trump with an absentee ballot, Arutz Sheva reports.

“The rabbinic leadership of the charedi world has instructed us to get involved in politics globally,” said Pindrus, adding that “Agudath Israel America has called upon all charedi Jews to take advantage of their right to vote – a call I followed.”

He explained that there is a greater chance for the building freeze that has been imposed by Barack Obama to be lifted with a change in government and that he disagrees with the Obama administration’s foreign policy vis-à-vis the Arab states.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Not so sure. Bush is a Republican and he sent his hit man, Condy Rice to pressure Israel to make concessions they didn’t feel comfortable with. Bottomline, it’s the rabid anti semetic State Department that calls the shots regarding Israel. Israel always folds like a cheap camera and does whatever they’re commanded regardless of who the PM is. Just watch as tough guy, Lieberman, will fold like a cheap camera before our very eyes. Trump & Hillary are the same regarding Israel. They all say all these great things about Israel and how they will defend them and then as soon as they get into the White house they stick the knife right into Israel’s back and they support the poor Palestinians cause. I guess this is the way Hashem wants it and is meant for us to do teshuva and come close to HKBH.

  2. The two individuals Trump has chosen to deal with Israel are his two orthodox jewish lawyers. They will run the show. Unlike previous other republican presidents who had not so friendly advisors from James Baker to henry Kissinger, Trump is common sense smart. He is listening to frum jewish advisors unlike the macshefa Hillary.

    • His two Jewish lawyers have absolutely no experience with foreign affairs or dealing with the Israeli govenment. Diplomacy is not the same thing as being a lawyer on on a manhattan real estate deal. Reading emails and listening to the Malcolm Hoenline show does not make one qualified to represent American intrests abroad. Ultimately Trump will lose anyway so the entire point is moot.


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