Photo: Chabad of East Lakeviews Requests: “#Pray4Cubs”

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  1. Chabad helps more people do mitzvot than anyone else. They go deeper in the sewage of humanity to save a yid. The winner of the world series? Chabad

  2. Is a mitzvah without kavanah still a mitzvah? If you put on tefillin because you want the Cubs to win (as the sign implies) have you fulfilled the mitzvah of tefillin?
    BTW: GO Cleveland! Home of one of the finest yeshivas in the world and home of the equally outstanding Hebrew Academy of Cleveland!

    • That’s exactly the issue I have had with these tactics. They do not impress the safe pace of Torah yiddishkeit by their recruitment of just the any jew on the street to don tefillin and start their prayers. The jew is a complicated soul and just find and favor experience is not enough to start a fear of G-d.

      Still, you are a good guy. Cleveland all the way. We need this win.

      • Yes, they reach out to a lot of unaffiliated Jews. But what percentage of them are they actually mekarev to the point of shmiras Torah u’Mitzvos?


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