Cleveland Clinic Study: Natural Immunity As Effective As Vaccination

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A recent study by the Cleveland Clinic analyzing more than 50,000 of its employees over five months found that those who had been infected with COVID-19 did not benefit from vaccinations. During the study, researchers found that not a single person who had been previously infected with the virus became ill.

According to a Life Sciences news report, the participants were divided into three groups. One group consisted of people who were previously infected and unvaccinated. The second group already had COVID-19 but received two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, and the third group were people who did not have COVID-19 but received their shots.A fourth, control group, never had COVID-19 and were not vaccinated.

The study, available in preprint and has not been peer reviewed, found that 99.3% of all infections occurred in participants who were not infected previously and were unvaccinated. Only 0.7% of COVID-19 illness appeared in those who didn’t have COVID-19 but received their vaccines. And amazingly, not a single infection was found among study subjects who were previously infected, with or without vaccination.

Researchers found that the duration of natural protection and immunity against COVID-19 remained strong for at least 10 months after infection. Experts point out that the study was performed during a period of vaccine shortage but provides useful information for countries still experiencing lack of supplies to combat COVID-19.

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  1. Well they didn’t get any variants either… please make all.lawmakers read the study before they mandate any corona vaccines for schools and colleges for those with antibodies!!!!

  2. What do antibodies have to with coroney baloney? Do you think aluminium nanoparticles in these vaccines will get you antibodies and protect you?

  3. Talking about Cleveland clinic, here’s something everyone should read:
    Cleveland doctor tells Ohio lawmakers COVID-19 vaccine can leave people magnetized, interfaced with 5G towers (Loads and loads of proofs all over the net.)

  4. Besides where a person had the disease and overcame it, natural immunity is also acquired by the person simply doing the basic act of taking good care of himself! Taking good care of oneself, of course, encompasses quite a lot of different actions: getting proper adequate sleep each night, getting outside and moving around and absorbing sunlight and breathing in clean fresh air, and, probably most important, eating well.

    Eating well means eating good true pure food; true food means that it IS the “true” food, that its DNA essence was not changed. True food also means that it is “food,” and not synthetic substitutes like artificial sweeteners or artificial butter spreads. Pure food means that it is “pure,” that it grew by itself without the addition of bug sprays or weed killers or other pesticides. Pure food also means that it has no additions of artificial colors or artificial flavors or artificial preservatives.

    Very tragically though, almost all modern foods are not “true” and “pure.” Their DNA’s are changed, called “GMO” – “Genetically Modified Organisms,” they are grown with with numerous pesticides, and they are processed with many artificial additives. So, to get true pure food, it is necessary to buy what is “Certified Organic.”

    Im Yirtza Hashem, with taking good care of oneself, a person can be healthy and vibrant with good strong immunity that can strongly ward off any harmful disease.


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