‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed Sues Texas Town

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The young Muslim student who was arrested in 2015 for bringing a homemade clock to school has filed a federal lawsuit against his former hometown of Irving, Texas, citing accusations of discrimination against minority students.

Ahmed Mohamed made national headlines and became known as “Clock Boy” when a teacher at his school believed his homemade clock to be a bomb and called authorities on him. The 14-year-old has since moved with his family to Qatar, but Mohamed will still sue the city for allegedly targeting him for discipline over the years due to his minority background—claiming the city, the school district, and its principal all violated constitutional protections against illegal arrest and unequal treatment, and violated the Civil Rights Act. Read more at NBC NEWS.

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  1. One site says he didn’t build any clock. He just took an old Radio Shack clock out of its enclosure and put parts in briefcase. Has pictures to prove.

  2. Had my underage son made a time counter for his electronics class and had he been arrested under the pretext that a timer is after all a clock, I’d sue too. BTW how comes that the disgusting discrimination against a number of US citizens who are Yidden (many of whom do not even hold Israeli citizenship, which is the official excuse for “dual loyalty”) when it comes to security clearances, did not translate into big money lawsuits?


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