Collapsed Bridge’s ‘Rapid’ Installation Was Last Weekend  

The pedestrian bridge that collapsed today at Florida International University, resulting in what police called a “mass casualty” event, was rapidly installed just last weekend, according to the Miami Herald.
The FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity Bridge was built using the Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) method that allowed the parts of the bridge to be built separately and assembled in “a single morning,” the Herald reported. The 174-feet, 950-ton main span of the bridge was lifted onto the already-built supports on either end of the Tamiami Trail roadway and installed on March 10. The bridge was still under construction and not cleared for use until early 2019.
The university has a dedicated center to studying and teaching the “innovative installation method,” which aims to reduce building time as well as time impeding on traffic and pedestrian access. The National Transportation Safety Board tweeted that they would be “sending team to investigate bridge collapse in Miami” shortly after its Thursday afternoon collapse, which crushed cars beneath it, killing “multiple” people and injuring at least six others, per the mayor. Read more at the Miami Herald



  1. Just like the massacre that took place in Parkland, NO ONE is going to get fired or imprisoned! It’s never anyone’s fault! NEVER! These murderers will continue to collect all their benefits and enhance their taxpayer funded pension. Death to innocent civilians means NOTHING to these filthy corrupt thieving bureaucrats. WE the people are the idiots. WE allow this corruption and elitism to continue and fester.


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