Comey: ‘I Was Wrong’ To Say FISA Process Was ‘Followed’


Fox News Exclusive: Chris Wallace presses former FBI Director James Comey on IG Horowitz’s bombshell revelations about the DOJ’s FISA system on ‘Fox News Sunday.’



  1. So simple! All he needs to say I was wrong! The damage done is irrelevant!

    I’ve heard once before, “It depends what IS is!” Winkwink

  2. I thought you only ask for apologies when you commit acts of dishonesty. Now you actually admit to wrongdoing. In about a century from now, you may have healed enough to trust you with getting change for a dollar. As director of FBI, I would have expected an overdose of honesty and integrity. Too little and maybe none was displayed while you headed the supreme law enforcement agency in the country.

  3. Wait Until Durham comes down on him and his cohorts he would not be able to weasle out with statements that they are lies he and his cohorts are going to jail hopefully for a long time because his arrogance is indescribable.


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