Shloimie Daskal: Think Before You Post



  1. Please note that Rambam, which he quotes, is pronounced mile’eil, RAMbam, not RamBAM. Ramban is pronounced milera, as RamBAN.
    Please pronounce Rambam correctly when sending out such a video message.

  2. Thanks Shloimy. You touched my heart. You are so right about those “funny videos” that seem so innocuous. I will Bl”N never circulate such a thing again! Kol Hakavod to you! may all the Kavod Yisroel protected from your message be a Zechus for your Hatzlacha, and an aliya to the Neshamos who were murdered in Jersey City!

  3. My Yiddish is quite poor but what he was saying is so poshut and obvious and true that I was able to plug what I knew back into his words. Shkoyach R’ Shloime for these kind words of chizuk. Think before posting. Think before yente’ing. Think before burying people alive. Moshiach is here let’s let him reveal himself be’karov!

    • Exactly, using the phone while driving is against the law. Dangerous and a sofak chillul hashin. I’m sick of do as I say and not as I do. Leave your phone at home or get a flip phone.

  4. Agreed! About writing it is said “lman yamodo yomim rabim”. Imagine, if Chaim and movos are b’yad H’loshon how much more damaging is it if you shame somebody through posting. Motov shyapil Odom lkivshon aish v’al yivyash es chavayro b’rabim.
    May the chizuk in bein Odom l’chaviro be a zechus iluy nishama for those who died al kiddish Hashem in Jersey City.

  5. Very touching. We should all politely but firmly send a clip back to the sender with a text that we won’t accept it. Blogowners have the same responsibility, too many of these show up on our frum sites and they’re unacceptable. Especially, when a rumour or arrest is made and the facts aren’t in yet.
    So to all blogmasters : More clicks to make you more money can result in loss of Olam Habaah. Think before you put out a news story.

  6. He’s 100% correct. I’ve personally failed the nisayon of posting in anger, and I’ve seen unfortunately far worse on frum sites, kal vachomer elsewhere. I used to post prolifically and I miss it and the friendships and chit-chat, but they were but ephemeral smoke and shadows compared to real-world friendships and relationships. We – I – can do better and be better.
    Thank you.

  7. Amazing message. Maybe change to kosher phones like in Eretz Yisroel and then much less gets sent around. We live very happily this way with our filters and kosher phones. Try it for 1 week and see how gr8 it feelis


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