Covid-19 Antibodies Fade Fast, Raising Immunity Questions


COVID antibodies in patients with mild symptoms fade quickly, raising concerns that their immunity from a future infection may not last very long, researchers said in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The first analysis was done on antibodies taken an average of 37 days after symptoms began, with a second after about 86 days, or less than three months.

The researchers determined that antibody levels had fallen precipitously, with a half-life of about 73 days between the two time frames.

That raises concern that immunity may not last long in people who develop a mild infection, which accounts for the majority of cases.

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    • so the people who go to school for years and have dedicated their lives to helping people. make up hoaxes and baloney? you might want to ask yourself who the real liars are

  1. A person can have the flu, aka coronavirus, more than once. However, if someone gets vaccinated for this coroney baloney, not only would the vaccination not last a lifetime, his DNA would get altered and his immunity killed for good.


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