Dagan: Rabbinate Has No Black List


The Chief Rabbinate has no black list of overseas rabbonim who cannot be trusted in matters of divorce, conversions and suchlike, Rabbinate Director Moshe Dagan said.

“The Rabbinate does not have and never had a black list,” he said.

As for the list of 160 names it was forced to publish in 2017 under the freedom of information law, it was taken from a list of documents the Rabbinate did not authorize and did not reflect on the rabbonim behind the documents.

As for the Rabbinate’s criteria for accepting a rabbi, he said meetings had been held and a team was assembled to formulate a solution.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. I keep a danger list.

    I include reform rabbis
    Conservative rabbis
    Life eaters of lobster and
    People who do not bury their dead.

    It makes me mad. I keep it in my head. The day is too irate.


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