De Blasio Challenges Trump To A Debate About NYC

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Mayor Bill de Blasio challenged President Trump to a debate in New York during a variety show hosted by BuzzFeed at Webster Hall in the East Village.

“I challenge you, Donald Trump, to come to New York City, and I will debate you about what’s right for New York City,” an animated de Blasio declared, adding that “BuzzFeed will host it.”

“[Trump] doesn’t understand New York City,” de Blasio sneered. “And when his presidency is over, really soon, he will not be welcome back.”

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  1. “And when his presidency is over, really soon, he will not be welcome back.”

    What an asinine statement! So the Mayor has no problem discriminating against those who differ from him politically?! I guess I should be kicked out of the City as well. I’m a proud registered Republican. There is so much wrong with what the Mayor of New York City just said. From a financial point, President Trump is a multi millionaire who employs 100 maybe even thousands of NYC residents. Does this idiot realize how many jobs will be lost if Mr. Trump and his family leave NY and take their business elsewhere? It will have a snowball effect on the economy of the City.
    If the roles were reversed and a Republican Mayor would tell an African-American President that he is no longer welcome in his City, can you just imagine the outrage and non-stop news coverage of such a story?

    • You’re preaching to the wrong crowd. We all agree and feel the same. You have to write to the mayors office and your Councilmember. Also, why is it that the left and libs know how to make protests, but we don’t?

  2. This man is so amazingly arrogant that’s it’s bizarre. Who in heavens name does this idiot think he is to “challenge” the President of the United States to a debate? You know what Mr. De Blasio, I challenge you to a debate in my backyard about whats right for the city of Lakewood. And by the way you’re not welcome here.
    How a normal thinking person could have ever voted for this rag is beyond me…

  3. Where is the $900,000,000.00 – nearly A Billion dollars – that your wife, took from the city for handicapped children’s education? We demand an accounting!

  4. Hopefully De Blasio will be out of New York “really soon”, several years before President Trump will be out of office.

  5. Del Blasio is a real jerk. He is also suffering from advanced I want to be presidentitis. Symptoms are I will do or say anything no matter how stupid or outlandish just to garner attention. I am more progressive than you. I can give away more free stuff than you, are also symptoms.


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