De Blasio: Trump Attacks London Mayor Because He’s A Muslim

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New York mayor Bill DeBlasio weighed in on the feud between President Trump and London mayor Sadiq Khan to accuse th ePresident of racial bias twoards the British politician.

Sadiq Khan is an exemplary leader and the ONLY reason Donald Trump attacks him is because he’s Muslim. Mayor Khan, on behalf of the biggest city in America, know that we reject this campaign to vilify Muslims. Trump’s words are a national embarrassment.”


  1. DeBlasio is desperately trying to get more than his measly %1 ranking in the polls. A total embarrassment. He thinks that by trying to stir up racial tension, that’ll give him some traction. Besides for being a dummy, big bird is a fool as well.

  2. Had President Trump once again included De Blasio in his attack, De Blasio wouldn’t have commented so stupidly.


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