“DEFINITION OF CHUTZPAH” Bernie Madoff Asks Trump To Reduce His Sentence


Bernie Madoff has filed a petition for commutation of the 150-year prison sentence he’s serving for his epic, $65 billion fraud.

The clemency request is pending, according to the US Justice Department’s website.

While it’s unclear whether Trump will consider Madoff’s application, a commutation would reduce the notorious crook’s sentence either totally or partially — and could eliminate the $170 billion in restitution he was ordered to pay following his 2009 guilty plea — but would not erase his conviction like a pardon.

Marc Litt, who was the lead federal prosecutor in the criminal case against Madoff, told CNBC on Wednesday, “Bernard Madoff received a fair and just sentence – one that both appropriately punished him for decades of criminal conduct that caused devastating damage to tens of thousands of victims, and sent a loud and clear message to deter would-be fraudsters.”

“Madoff’s current request is the very definition of chutzpah,” said Litt.

Madoff, 81, is currently locked up in the medical center at the federal prison complex in Butner, North Carolina, according the federal Bureau of Prisons website.

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  1. They can bury him with the reform. Could we have a story on any Torah he has learned in jail? What else does he want? A dry bully says its our vine.

  2. He’s still a brother. Please refrain from name calling another fellow yid. the rebbe of lubavitch once said, “us yiddin, when we want to elevate ourselves, we use a chair. We don’t use another yid.”

  3. If 150 years for $65 billion fraud, will Epstein and his elite friends be executed for their immense crimes against thousands of children?

  4. Truly a sign of the bitter galus we’re in. We are so entrenched in this crooked society that we, like goyim, have come to equate stealing with such capital crimes as murder. Hashivah shofteinu k’varishonah…

    • There are many Pesukim and Chazal’s that equate stealing with Murder.
      BK 119A
      א”ר יוחנן כל הגוזל את חבירו שוה פרוטה כאילו נוטל נשמתו ממנו שנאמר כן ארחות כל בוצע בצע את נפש בעליו יקח ואומר (ירמיהו ה, יז) ואכל קצירך ולחמך בניך ובנותיך

      Rabbi Yoḥanan says: Anyone who robs another of an item worth one peruta is considered as though he takes his soul from him, as it is stated: “So are the ways of every one that is greedy for profit; it takes away the life of the owner thereof” (Proverbs 1:19). And it states: “And they shall consume your harvest, and your bread, they shall consume your sons and your daughters” (Jeremiah 5:17). Since they will consume the harvest and bread, it is as though they consume one’s children as well because there will be no food to feed them.

  5. as long as he is in prison, we taxpayers are responsible for his health care. how about ‘commuting’ his sentence to something similar to pollard’s–wear a bracelet, disallow computer access, may not leave the US for any reason. every day of madoff’s life is an insult to everyone he cheated. not a single ‘secret’ that pollard has now is a danger to the safety of anyone

    • Ye, that would be nice. But………..The reason that such harsh prison sentences are meted out is that it should be a deterrent to those who may want to commit a similar crime in the future. They may think twice about it and considering the punishment, reconsider doing the crime.


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