Delta Says 10 Employees Dead From Coronavirus, 500 Infected

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Delta Air Lines says an estimated 500 employees have contracted coronavirus during the pandemic — and the virus has killed at least 10, according to a report.

CEO Ed Bastian said at a sharehlders’ meeting earlier this month the “vast majority” of the employees have recovered from the dangerous illness, Newsweek reported Wednesday.

“We have had approximately 500 employees that have tested positive for COVID-19,” Bastian said during meeting June 18. “The vast majority have recovered, thankfully. Unfortunately, we have lost 10 employees to the disease.”

The company noted that the hundreds of sick employees were a fraction of the 90,000 employed by the airline, the outlet reported.

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  1. What is the purpose and significance of this report? To cause and spread panic amongst the sheeple? Why is Delta lives more important than anyone else’s lives? What about those that worked at JPM Morgan that died? Facebook? Amazon?

    • I like such news. It means that the swamp is being drained b"H. 2.5 million in the US (today's report) is no easy feat. CONTINUE PRAYING

      To reveal the amount of corona criminal working for Delta that were coronavirus (executed / arrested). It has nothing to do with any sickness.

    • Are you Jewish? Your lack of respect for human life leaves me wondering. And why should you care about the sheeple? You would delightfully doom us anyway, because all of us have preexisting medical conditions or have been vaccinated. Please leave us alone.


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