DONALD OVER JOE: Trump Beats Biden In General Election, Dominates GOP Field, Poll Shows

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A recent poll indicates that former President Trump remains a dominant figure in the Republican primary field and would defeat President Biden in a general election. If the 2024 Republican presidential primary were held today, Trump would secure 52% of the voters’ support, according to a Harvard-Harris poll. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trails far behind with only 12% support, while Vivek Ramaswamy, a biopharmaceutical entrepreneur, holds the third position with 10%, according to the Harvard-Harris poll released on Friday.

In a head-to-head matchup with President Biden, Trump would lead by a margin of 45 to 40 percent, with 16% of voters still undecided. Additionally, Trump’s lead over Vice President Harris would be even more substantial at 47 to 38 percent. The survey reflects widespread discontentment with both major party candidates, as 70% of voters desire an alternative option.

In the event Trump decides not to run, DeSantis remains the top choice among Republican voters, as revealed by the survey. The poll also highlights that 68% of Americans believe President Biden, at 80 years old, is “showing he is too old to be president,” and 64% feel he should not seek a second term, considering Trump’s age of 77.

Regarding election issues, voters expressed significant concerns about inflation and the economy. Over three-quarters of respondents stated they have been impacted by inflation, and six out of ten identified the economy or inflation as their primary concern.

Majorities of both Democrats and Republicans indicated a desire for political candidates to prioritize “bread-and-butter” issues over divisive culture war topics.

The mood of the country remains pessimistic, with less than three in ten voters believing the country is on the “right track.”

The poll also touched on the topic of cocaine found at the White House, with 63% of respondents wanting further investigation and expressing dissatisfaction with the Secret Service’s conclusion that identifying the perpetrator was impossible.

Regarding the story of IRS whistleblowers, while most Americans were not closely following it, more than six out of ten who were found the whistleblowers credible and agreed with their allegation that the Department of Justice protected the First Family during its investigation of Hunter Biden.

Three out of four voters expressed their support for cash bail rather than cashless bail, a notion gaining popularity in places like New York City and other leftist enclaves across the country.

Opinions were divided on whether the United States should continue funding Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion, with a 50/50 split among respondents.

The poll, conducted on July 19-20, surveyed 2,068 registered voters.



    • Tell them that President Trump already has an over 85% rating while sleepwalkers will soon learn who their “Biden President” is? Is it any wonder that they were able to fool you with deadly jabs?

    • Do you really believe that millions had voted for Biden 4 years ago – or even 100 living people had voted for him them – for which he “won” the presidency – and somebody would vote for him now????????

  1. There are polls and there are polls
    Why is there no mention of who conducted this “poll”
    Does anybody else think that’s a significant piece of information that’s missing?


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