Drudge: Florida Shock: Trump Outperforms Romney By 130,000 In Early Voting


Data obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT shows presidential underdog Donald Trump outperforming Republican 2012 election results in Florida.

Mitt Romney went into Election Day down 161,000 in absentee ballots and early voting. He ended up losing the state by 74,000.

This time, in a dramatic surprise twist, Trump is only down 32,500! And Republicans tend to outvote Democrats on Election Day in Florida.




  1. I can’t understand why they are comparing Romney or even McCain with Trump, for Romney and McCain gave up running against Obama in the early part of the election process, and they were just fill in’s for Obama’s victory, for you just can’t run for President without an opponent. I am not for either candidate, but this is a new election and 2 very different people, who really want the presidency. The others like Romney and McCain were only fill in’s so there was someone running against someone.


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